July 9, 2000

Run EXE as Logged-On User

Question: Let’s assume I am logged onto an NT Workstation as a normal user. Using one of your10-Minute Solutions I managed to get the LogonUser API to log me in

Carriage Returns in Text Files

Question: I have written a function which strips out all carriage returns from a memo field passed toit, replacing them with the characters ““. The returned piece of text is

Pausing Code to Call Another Form

Question: I have a form with a block of code that hides the form and then calls another form. This other form accepts input, saves it to a table and

Data Field Refresh on Forms

Question: I have a multi-page form with navigation controls on the first page. When I “Next”through the records, the data fields refresh fine on Page One but not on the

Command-Line Argument in FoxPro 2.0

Question: Is there any way for FoxPro to accept a command-line argument: c:foxpro2.0fox myprogram “Justin” Where “Justin” is a string sent to the FoxPro program ‘myprogram’ as a parameter? Answer:

Accessing the Container of an Object

Question: How do I find the parents of a control? Answer: All VFP objects have a property called “parent,” which is an object reference to thecontainer of the object. For

OWA 2000 Journal and Public Contacts

Question: Will OWA 2000 provide access to public contacts and access to the users journal? Answer: The answers to your questions, you’ll be pleased to hear, are yes and yes.

Directories That Won’t Open

Question: How come I can’t open some directories on my C: drive? I get the error”c:directoryname is not accessible. Access is denied.” Answer: I have had the same problem on