Mail Not Delivered

Mail Not Delivered

Quite a few users keep getting a message saying their e-mail did not reach the intendedrecipients, and also that there was a communication error and the sender has beenrejected.

Could you explain this?

There are a number of reasons why e-mail might get bounced back, but since yourmessage specifies a “communication error” I’ll touch on that aspect.

Usually that error is due to either a service outage on your end or on theirs (i.e., yourconnection (or theirs) is down).

You might also see that message (though it might specify “host unreachable”) if thedomain name of their address is incorrect (“” for example) or if it can’t belocated in DNS, because your DNS settings are incorrect, the DNS server is down, ortheir domain is not properly registered.

If it’s happening to “quite a few users,” the problem sounds pretty pervasive so I’d start bymaking sure that you have proper DNS settings and that the DNS server(s) you’re using isO.K.


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