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Continuous Integration Vendors Announce Partnerships

New CI tools are designed to boost mobile development.


Two different sets of enterprise application development tool vendors have announced new partnerships related to continuous integration (CI). CI is an agile software development technique that involves merging developer work on an ongoing basis.

First, Sauce Labs, which offers cloud computing-based web and mobile application testing solutions, announced a partnership with tool vendor Travis CI. It will allow OS X and iOS developers to access the Travis CI tools alongside the Sauce cloud services. "Access to the Sauce Labs infrastructure will dramatically accelerate the development cycles for our uses," said Travis CI's Josh Kalderimis.

Similarly, cloud testing provider SOASTA has also announced a partnership with cloud development platform provider CloudBees. The announcement included the release of SOASTA's Jenkins plug-in which enable CI for mobile development. CloudBees VP Andrew Lee announced, "Now developers can use one, integrated environment to quickly develop, perform on-device testing and instantly deploy updates. We're taking Continuous Cloud Delivery and matching the pace of modern, mobile application development."

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