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Enterprises Look to New Services, Tools to Speed Development

Rapid application development (RAD) tools, customizable apps and cloud computing-based mobile services are becoming more popular.


Analysts from both Forrester and IDC have recently released reports that document the trend of organizations turning to new services and tools to speed up enterprise application development. "No-code, RAD [Rapid Application Development], 4GL solutions are what we call today model-driven application platforms and they are mostly the domain of business applications," said IDC's All Hilwa. "Many modern development tools utilize visual techniques or model-driven design approaches and these same tools are increasingly targeting mobile platforms natively or through mobile web."

Forrester's Michael Facemire, principal analyst, and Jeffrey Hammond, vice president, principal analyst, noted, “The demand for high-velocity app deployment will overwhelm infrastructure and operations teams that are not staffed, budgeted, or prepared to handle a rapid scale-up of mobile apps. In turn, developers will look for options that light up in hours, scale transparently, and just work."

The new tools and services developers are using include customizable apps from Canvas Solutions, RAD environment Appery.io, mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) Kony MobileFabric and MBaaS Kii.

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