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Joyent Debuts Triton Tool for Docker

Triton will make it easier to deploy Docker containers in public or private cloud computing environments.


Joyent has launched a new containerization tool called Triton that it says will simplify the deployment and management of Docker containers. It includes Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure (a Docker engine), the container hypervisor, and a portal. It also incorporates Joyent's SmartOS open source solution. Triton comes in two versions: an enterprise version that organizations can run on premises or a public cloud version that is currently available as a preview.

"Joyent’s ability to securely run containers on multi-tenant bare-metal brings with it performance and pricing advantages that put it in a class by itself," said Joyent product manager Casey Bisson. "The network virtualization offers similar convenience and performance advantages that can’t be matched by alternative solutions."

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