The Hacker Way Meets Agile Architecture

Sometimes random thoughts in the blogosphere coalesce into a strange synergy of ideas. When this happens, my natural impulse, of course, is to blog once more. In this case, no

The Problem with Easy APIs

Perhaps the most successful part of Representational State Transfer (REST) to date has been the simplification of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We no longer need a language-specific protocol that depends

How to Deal with the Fear of Innovation

At Intellyx we break down business agility into three core business drivers: responsiveness, resilience, and innovativeness. This perspective on business agility, however, is not universal. In fact, most people separate

Reinventing Business Agility for the Digital Age

It?s impossible to adequately understand business agility without the appropriate level of systems thinking. After all, individual people and pieces of technology don?t exhibit business agility, organizations do. And yet,

Business Agility at the PowerPoint Layer

Over the last few weeks I?ve conducted briefings with several vendors in support of my upcoming Agile Architecture Vendor Landscape report. The purpose of the report is to help enterprise