Agile Architecture Step #1: Clean Up Your Mess

Whether you?re interested in following my Agile Architecture approach to achieving greater business agility in your organization, or any one of several related initiatives, including DevOps, Lean, and others, there

The Agile Architecture Mind Map

It seems that most people who read the title of my book The Agile Architecture Revolution think I?m talking about Agile software architecture. In reality, I?m talking about architecting for

The Catch to Bezos?s Law of Cloud Pricing

The combined dramatic price drops from major public Cloud providers a few weeks ago has led to a pandemonium of punditry. One deep thinker after another has plumbed the pedestrian

Amazon’s Anti-Customer Rumblings played an April Fool’s Day prank on me. My shaver head gave out April 1st, so I ordered a replacement on I chose free shipping (without Amazon Prime,

Thoughts on Thought Leadership

Now that I am Chief Evangelist at EnterpriseWeb, people occasionally ask me what a Chief Evangelist does. My answer is that I provide thought leadership and marketing. To which my