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Definition of Character Generator

A character generator is a device or software that creates text or graphics characters, typically used in electronic displays and broadcasting. It enables users to produce various fonts, sizes, and styles of text, as well as special symbols and graphics. Common applications include on-screen titles, subtitles, and graphics in television broadcasts, digital signs, and video game interfaces.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Character Generator” is: /ˈkærəktər dʒɛnəˌreɪtər/- Character: /ˈkærəktər/- Generator: /dʒɛnəˌreɪtər/

Key Takeaways

  1. A character generator allows users to create and design their own custom characters by selecting various attributes and appearance choices.
  2. Character generators are commonly used in video games, role-playing games, and other forms of interactive entertainment, enabling players to personalize their gaming experience.
  3. The generated characters can be saved and used in various digital formats, such as 2D/3D models, to populate virtual worlds or be implemented in stories and animations.

Importance of Character Generator

The term “Character Generator” is important in the realm of technology as it refers to a device or software that produces text characters or graphical symbols to be displayed on-screen.

It plays a crucial role in various applications, including television broadcasting for on-screen graphics and subtitles, computer-aided design for precise content creation, and video game development for representing diverse in-game characters and items.

The efficient generation of text and graphics by a character generator ensures high-quality visuals and seamless user interaction, thus enhancing user experience across multiple digital platforms and mediums.


A character generator’s primary purpose is to simplify and enhance the process of creating, manipulating, and displaying textual and graphical content for various visual mediums. This technology is commonly used in television broadcasting, film production, video game design, and even digital signage systems. Character generators, sometimes referred to as CGs, enable users to create visually compelling content through the application of various effects, such as animation, motion, and color to text and graphics.

This tool plays a pivotal role in communicating information with viewers, enabling audiences to access valuable data, such as news tickers, subtitles, captions, and event announcements, in an easy-to-understand and visually gripping format. In a world where multimedia communication is vital, character generators have become an indispensable component of effective content creation. Advanced CG software allows for seamless integration with other broadcasting equipment like switchers, video routers, and cameras, resulting in a streamlined workflow.

Furthermore, character generators not only enhance the visual appeal of the content displayed but also provide for a more immersive user experience. For instance, in a video game setting, CGs contribute to the creation of enriched gaming environments and user interfaces bolstering the player’s connection with the virtual world. Overall, a character generator’s ability to boost visual engagement, while effectively communicating information, makes it an essential component in various fields that rely on visual communication.

Examples of Character Generator

A character generator, also referred to as a CG or text generator, is a device or software that produces static or animated text for various purposes, such as television, video, graphics design, or live broadcasts. Here are three real-world examples of character generators:

Television Broadcasts: In TV news broadcasts, character generators are commonly used to display the headlines, text overlays identifying people being interviewed, news tickers scrolling at the bottom of the screen, weather information, and other important information. They allow for on-the-fly editing and quick changes to text content, making them indispensable for live television.

Video Post-Production: In post-production for film and video, character generators are extensively used for creating opening and closing credit rolls, subtitles, and on-screen text elements. These industries rely on sophisticated software and hardware character generator systems to produce high-quality text with advanced animation and typography capabilities to seamlessly match their productions’ aesthetic.

Digital Signage and Scoreboards: In sports stadiums, event venues, and public spaces, digital signage systems often employ character generators to create text-based content, such as team names, scores, event announcements, and advertising messages. These systems allow for the easy updating and manipulation of text information, often paired with graphics to create a visually appealing display for audiences.In all these contexts, character generators play a crucial role in delivering information to viewers in an efficient, dynamic, and visually-pleasing manner.

Character Generator FAQ

What is a character generator?

A character generator is a tool or software that allows users to create original characters for use in stories, role-playing games, or any other creative projects. It provides different attributes, personality traits, and other features to help develop a unique and detailed character profile.

How do I use a character generator?

To use a character generator, simply input any preferences or requirements for your desired character, such as gender, race, or occupation. The generator will then randomly generate a character based on your input, providing you with various attributes and details. You can then modify or build on these attributes to create a well-rounded character.

What types of character generators are available?

There are various types of character generators available, ranging from simple text-based generators to complex software with customizable features. Some generators focus on specific genres or storytelling formats, while others cater to more general character creation needs. Examples include fantasy, sci-fi, historical, and modern-day character generators.

Are character generators free?

Many character generators are available for free, while others require a subscription or one-time payment. In general, free generators tend to be more basic and offer limited customization options, whereas paid generators often have more advanced features and customization capabilities.

Can I use characters generated through a character generator for commercial purposes?

It depends on the specific generator and its terms of use. Some character generators allow users to use generated characters for both personal and commercial projects, while others may have restrictions or require attribution or licensing fees for commercial use. It is essential to check the generator’s terms and conditions before using a generated character in any commercial capacity.

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