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The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a global, member-driven organization that promotes the growth and development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It focuses on accelerating the widespread adoption of interconnected machines and devices in industries, enabling better data sharing and improved efficiency. The IIC brings together professionals from various sectors to collaborate on creating architecture frameworks, developing best practices, and providing resources to support IIoT implementation.


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Key Takeaways

  1. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a global, member-driven organization that promotes the accelerated growth and adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by coordinating ecosystem initiatives and providing a collaborative environment to address the various challenges faced by industries.
  2. IIC brings together key players, including technology providers, researchers, and end-users, to develop best practices, architecture, and interoperability standards, paving the way for transforming businesses and improving overall system performance through the integration of advanced analytics and digital technologies.
  3. Some of the critical focus areas of the Industrial Internet Consortium include security, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and testing, which help drive innovation, develop relevant use-cases, and contribute to the adoption of IIoT across various industries.


The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a crucial organization in the technology sector because it plays a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption and enabling the widespread use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Comprising a diverse global membership of industry leaders, innovators, and government organizations, the IIC fosters collaboration by creating common frameworks, developing best practices, and sharing real-world knowledge to drive digital transformations in various industries.

This strategic approach ensures that IIoT advancements and innovations are accessible, secure, and interoperable across sectors, ultimately increasing their effectiveness in optimizing operational efficiencies, enhancing productivity, and strengthening competitiveness in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) serves as a primary platform for fostering collaborative innovation and development within the realm of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The main purpose of the IIC is to accelerate the adoption and pervasive use of interconnected machines, advanced analytics, and intelligent systems across various industrial sectors. By providing resources and opportunities for cooperation, it enables technology providers, end-users, researchers, and policymakers to work hand-in-hand towards overcoming challenges and maximizing the potential of IIoT implementation.

The IIC achieves this purpose by offering a conducive environment for members to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as develop standards, frameworks, and security measures that ensure the effective integration and deployment of IIoT systems. Another significant aspect of the Industrial Internet Consortium’s role is to facilitate the creation of testbeds and real-world projects that highlight the practical applications of IIoT.

By creating these testbeds, the consortium provides a unique, valuable opportunity for stakeholders to identify the scalability, interoperability, and potential commercial viability of new IIoT solutions. By demonstrating breakthroughs and best practices, the IIC encourages the sharing of experiences along with lessons learned from the establishment and execution of various IIoT initiatives.

Consequently, this enables industries to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety while opening doors to various innovative business models that leverage connected technologies and intelligent data processing.

Examples of Industrial Internet Consortium

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a global, member-driven organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by coordinating ecosystem initiatives to connect and integrate objects with people, processes, and data. Here are three real-world examples of technology projects developed under the guidance of the IIC:

Smart Factory Web Testbed: This project was initiated by the IIC to create a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to collaboratively create and produce products. The Smart Factory Web Testbed aims to enable SMEs to use manufacturing services over a secure semantic web of things. FACET, a joint project between the University of Stuttgart, the University of Magdeburg, and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, has implemented this concept for their program.

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Testbed: The TSN Testbed project is an IIC-led initiative that focuses on improving the deterministic communication capabilities and robustness of standard Ethernet for operations technology applications. In this project, IIC members like Cisco, Bosch, and Intel collaborate to advance the development, testing, and adoption of TSN applications. In 2018, South Korea’s ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) implemented TSN for their railway system, helping to improve communication and control capabilities for train operations.

Microgrid Testbed: The Microgrid Testbed project, led by the IIC, is focused on developing advanced microgrid technologies for energy generation, storage, and consumption management to optimize efficiency and reduce the environmental impact. The goal is to create systems where distributed energy resources (DERs) can be connected, monitored, and controlled by various stakeholders, like local governments, utilities, and end-users. Duke Energy has successfully implemented a microgrid project in the United States, resulting in increased reliability and resilience of power supply networks.These IIC-supported projects illustrate the significant impact that industrial internet technologies can have on various industries and sectors, ultimately leading to greater efficiency, productivity, and environmental sustainability.

Industrial Internet Consortium FAQ

What is the Industrial Internet Consortium?

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a global, member-driven organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The consortium brings together companies, researchers, and governments to collaborate and create innovative solutions for various industrial sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and energy.

What is the mission of the Industrial Internet Consortium?

The mission of the IIC is to accelerate the adoption and deployment of the IIoT by fostering the development of new technologies, encouraging collaboration, and promoting best practices. The consortium aims to drive industry transformation through harmonized architectures, interoperability, and open standards.

Why is the Industrial Internet Consortium important?

The IIC is important because it connects industry leaders, technology providers, and researchers to develop and promote the Industrial Internet’s potential. With the ever-increasing importance of IIoT solutions in modern industries, the IIC plays a crucial role in ensuring that businesses worldwide have the opportunity to leverage innovative technologies and stay competitive in the market.

How can I become a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium?

To become a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, you need to visit the IIC website and complete the membership application. Membership is open to companies, academic institutions, and government agencies around the world, with various membership levels to suit different needs and resources.

What are the benefits of joining the Industrial Internet Consortium?

Members of the IIC gain access to a vast network of industry experts and organizations involved in the development of IIoT solutions. Benefits of joining include participating in innovation projects, access to exclusive resources and research, opportunities to shape industry standards, and networking opportunities with other IIoT stakeholders. Additionally, members can showcase their expertise and market leadership by actively participating in IIC task groups, committees, and events.

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