Fix Justification Glitch in MSFlexGrid

Fix Justification Glitch in MSFlexGrid

The MSFlexGrid tries to automatically determine how to justify text. If the first character is numeric, then that cell will be right-justified. If it is an alphanumeric character, then that cell will be left-justified. The problem arises when you try to display a freeform note in one of the cells. If the note starts with a number, such as “30 days until renewal,” MSFlexGrid right-justifies that cell. The solution is to prefix all cells with a space:

 Sub FillGrid(rs As RecordSet)	Dim sItem As String	Dim i as Long 	'//Loop through the recordset	rs.MoveFirst	Do Until rs.EOF   	 '//Loop through the fields	  sItem$=""	  For i = 0 To rs.Fields.Count -1	    'Build the row to be inserted, vbTab 	    'first so that we skip the fixedcol and 	    'space so that everything is left justified	    sItem = sItem & vbTab & " " & rs.Fields(i) 	  Next I 	  '//Add The row to the grid	  grd.AddItem sItem	  '//Move to the next record	  rs.MoveNext       	LoopEnd Sub
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