Fix Justification Glitch in MSFlexGrid

The MSFlexGrid tries to automatically determine how to justify text. If the first character is numeric, then that cell will be right-justified. If it is an alphanumeric character, then that cell will be left-justified. The problem arises when you try to display a freeform note in one of the cells. If the note starts with a number, such as “30 days until renewal,” MSFlexGrid right-justifies that cell. The solution is to prefix all cells with a space:

 Sub FillGrid(rs As RecordSet)	Dim sItem As String	Dim i as Long 	'//Loop through the recordset	rs.MoveFirst	Do Until rs.EOF   	 '//Loop through the fields	  sItem$=""	  For i = 0 To rs.Fields.Count -1	    'Build the row to be inserted, vbTab 	    'first so that we skip the fixedcol and 	    'space so that everything is left justified	    sItem = sItem & vbTab & " " & rs.Fields(i) 	  Next I 	  '//Add The row to the grid	  grd.AddItem sItem	  '//Move to the next record	  rs.MoveNext       	LoopEnd Sub
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