SaveImageList – Save the images in an ImageList control

' Save all the images in an ImageList control to a disk file' Images can be later loaded in the same ImageList control using the' LoadImageList routine'' Note 1: if the file exists, it is overwritten' Note 2: this routine always save the contents of the ListImages collection'         as it was set using standard VB statements (at design-time or using'         the collection's Add method), not the images restored using the'         LoadImageList routinePrivate Sub SaveImageList(ImageList As ImageList, ByVal FileName As String)    Dim pb As New PropertyBag    Dim varTemp As Variant    Dim handle As Long        ' Serialize the ImageList control    pb.WriteProperty "IMG", ImageList.object    varTemp = pb.Contents        ' If the file exists, delete it    If Len(Dir$(FileName)) Then Kill FileName        ' save the property bag to a file    handle = FreeFile    Open FileName For Binary As #handle    Put #handle, , varTemp    Close #handleEnd Sub

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