CheckSpelling – Use MSWord to check a word’s spelling and provide suggestions

' this should be a module-level or global variable, so that' Word is instantiated only onceDim MSWord As New Word.Application' check the spelling of a word'' returns True if the word is correct' returns False if the word is not correct, and in this case it optionally' returns a collection that contains all the suggested alternate words'' NOTE: requires a reference to the Microsoft Word Object Library' USAGE:'    Dim suggestions As Collection, w As Variant'    List1.Clear'    If Not CheckSpelling(Text1.Text, suggestions) Then'        For Each w In suggestions'            List1.AddItem w'        Next'    End IfFunction CheckSpelling(ByVal Word As String, Optional suggestions As Collection) _    As Boolean    Dim splSuggestion As Word.SpellingSuggestion    Dim splSuggestions As Word.SpellingSuggestions        ' Add a document, if there aren't any    ' this is needed to get suggestions    If MSWord.Documents.Count = 0 Then MSWord.Documents.Add        ' ensure there are no extra spaces    Word = Trim$(Word)    ' initialize the returned collection    Set suggestions = New Collection    If MSWord.CheckSpelling(Word) Then        ' the word is correct        CheckSpelling = True    Else        ' the word is incorrect        ' get the list of suggested words        Set splSuggestions = MSWord.GetSpellingSuggestions(Word)        For Each splSuggestion In splSuggestions            suggestions.Add splSuggestion.Name, splSuggestion.Name        Next    End IfEnd Function

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