I am using a DBgrid. I have defined two NEW Persistent fields as lookupfields. In the Columns editor, I added them to the grid display.

Those two fields are connected to two separate tables,tblCategory and tblItems. tblCategory is the MasterSource of tblItems.The idea is: select the category from column 1 in DBGrid (thus narrowing the itemsthat can be entered to just the items in that particular category), then select the items from column 2.

My problem is, when I click on the DBNavigator to insert a new record, then do the above procedure, the ComboBox displays the correct categoryand item, but when I click on my selection in the list, it seems to enter a blank record (hang on, it gets better). I complete entering the data forthe rest of the fields and post the record.

Once I have posted the record, the selections I made become visible. I’m convinced the data selection is there but I CAN’T SEE IT.Why?

I believe the problem is the fact that one of your columnsbelongs to another table. The DBNav works its one DBNav to one DataSourceto one table, so you won’t get synchronized behavior.

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