Dynamic UserObject in Tab Control

Dynamic UserObject in Tab Control

I’m looking for a way to put a dynamic UserObject in a Tab Control. The PowerBuilder documentation mentions a technique to put it in a window, but nothing for a Tab Control.

The following code will add a user object to a tab folder at runtime. The arguments are:

  • as_objectname – Classname of the object
  • as_title – Title of the Tab
  • as_bmp – Bitmap to use for the tab
  • ai_X, ai_Y – X,Y coordinates

Here is the code:

this.SetRedraw( FALSE )il_Tabs ++this.OpenTab( idrg_objects[ il_Tabs ], as_objectname, 0 )idrg_objects[ il_Tabs ].text = as_titleidrg_objects[ il_Tabs ].PictureName = as_bmpidrg_objects[ il_Tabs ].X = ai_Xidrg_objects[ il_Tabs ].Y = ai_Ythis.SetRedraw( TRUE )RETURN idrg_objects[ il_Tabs ]


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