Calculating the Records

Calculating the Records

Can you help me to get a calculated value from many records? A dataset(Paradox table) that I use has an Integer field which is used to put minutes value. How do I add up the value of these fields on many records? In other words, I want to calculate same fields for multiple records in one dataset. I am using DBGrid, and this dataset is a detail table for a master.Thank you.Stan

There are two ways to do this:1) You can drop a TQuery on your form and set it up to run at runtime to sum that field like so:

SELECT Sum(IntField) as IntFieldSumFROM "MyTable.DB"

Then in the OnCalcFields method for the DBGrid, you can just set the value to


2) The other way is to scan through the table and do an incremental add.Notice that I didn’t put the query in the OnCalcFields method. This is because it would execute everytime you entered a record or made a change – not good. The second method is NOT recommended, especially if you have a lot of records in the table.


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