Variable Declaration

Variable Declaration

I understand that Java variables can be declared public, private, or protected using a similar syntax as C/C++ where the access modifier is placed before the column of variables. For example:

/* C/C++ declaration */class Foo{  public:    int   varX;    float varY;    int   varZ;  // implementation ...}/* Java declarationpublic class Foo{  public    int   varX;    float varY;    int   varZ;  // implemenation ...}

In C++ you can indicate that a whole list of declarations should have a certain level of access by writing the access modifier once. But inJava, the access modifier must be included in every single declaration. The Java version of your C++ declaration would have to look like one of the following:

public class Foo {  public int   varX;  public float varY;  public int   varZ;}public class Foo {  public int varX, varZ;  public float varY;}


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