Books Covering Visual Basic 6 and Web Classes

Books Covering Visual Basic 6 and Web Classes

I am building Web pages using Visual Basic 6, Web Classes, HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript. Do you know of any good books that actually explain this type of programming? I have bought HTML books and VB6 books but there is a lack of knowledge putting all the languages together. A lot of the HTML I’ve written is embedded into the VB6 Web Class as I am building tables of information on the fly. I find it really hard to easily interact between all the languages. For example, to get a button on the Web to run a Visual Basic procedure I’ve had to create a dummy frame of 0% and forced the procedure to run to this frame, otherwise it clears the screen. Surely there is an easier way of doing this. Thanks for your help.

I did not write this question?really!

I finished a book on Web Classes for use in Visual Basic 6 for Coriolis last fall. It is titled Visual Basic 6 Gold Book Client Server Programming, by Cagle and MacDonald. I am currently revamping the XML section in light of code changes in the Internet Explorer 5 client model, but the sections on Web Classes and DHTML applications should still be accurate.


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