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Amazon's Cloud Has More Revenue Than All Its Competitors Combined

AWS also grew faster than the cloud computing market as a whole.


According to Synergy Research Group, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not only the leader in the IaaS and PaaS markets, it has more revenue than all its major rivals combined. The researchers add that while the cloud computing market grew 46 percent over the last year, AWS grew 55 percent.

Within the IaaS market, which Synergy believes accounts for 64 percent of the total, Amazon has a 35 percent share, followed by IBM with 7 percent. No other company had more a 3 percent share. Within the smaller PaaS market, Salesforce.com actually comes out on top with an 18 percent share, followed by AWS with 17 percent, Microsoft with 14 percent and Google 13 percent.

However, the research comes with a disclaimer that it is very difficult to determine cloud revenues because most major vendors don't break out the numbers in their financial reports.

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