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Apigee Launches Free API Management Services

The service offer tools for developers and enterprise IT managers.


Apigee has upgraded its enterprise-grade API management services, adding a new free tier of access. The Apigee tools are now available for free on a self-service basis for up to 3.5 million API calls per month. "We've worked with some of the largest businesses in the world to build and support highly sophisticated and complex systems that easily handle billions of APIcalls per day. We've now taken this technology and simplified it so that any organization, from a developer in a garage to a Fortune 50 company, can launch like a startup and scale like an enterprise," explained Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor. "Apps are quickly changing the way we all interact and do business—and APIs bring apps to life with rich streams of data and Web services. We are confident that the Apigee API platform will dramatically accelerate the growth of the app economy."

For developers, Apigee offers "App Services," a set of capabilities designed to make it easier to build APIs and apps. For enterprises, it offers gateway, community building and analytics services.

Companies that need more than 3.5 million API calls per month can upgrade to Apigee Enterprise, which starts around $9,000 per month.

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