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Detect Unused Objects
by Rahul Pandhe
Improper use of objects and object references can cause your application's objects to stay resident in memory. Such "memory leaks" often causes system performance degradation and prevents your ...
Using SQL Server Query Analyzer to Export Query
by DevX Pro
How do I use SQL Server Query Analyzer to export a query to a text file? I need it pipe-delimited. I think if you can show me how to export it, I can format it using the commands from SQL mail. I've seen a lot of other people asking this question. If you can answer it, I'll post it giving you credit. (I've looked every place I can think of.)
Inserting Images to SQL Using a SP and N-tier App
by DevX Pro
I am in the process of creating an n-tier database application and am stuck at storing images to the SQL Server database. Any help would be appreciated. Obviously, I need to read the image from the hard drive and store it to a variable (of what type?), and then pass it to my business layer, data access layer, and then the SP.
Procedures Crossing Servers
by DevX Pro
I am creating a data warehouse and need to SELECT and INSERT data across servers using SQL Server 6.5. Is there any way I can code this in my stored procedure? I am not aware of any syntax that will allow me to do it.
Moving the Master and MSDB Databases
by DevX Pro
How can I move the master and msdb database devices to another disk in SQL Server 6.5? Can I mirror them and then unmirror them, swapping to the mirror device ?
Adding Records
by DevX Pro
What is the best (fastest) method to add records to a SQL 7 database using VB and ADO? I am currently using the recordset methods and it could take days to load my data. Note that the data is not coming from a source that Import can use. (I will also need to add records on a regular basis.)
Run BCP on the same Machine as SQL Server to Boost Data Load Performance
by Jai Bardhan
The Bulk Copy Program (BCP) command-line utility is used to move data between an existing database table and file stored in ASCII. Running BCP on the same machine as SQL Server can boost BCP ...
Nonblocking I/O
by DevX Pro
Say I have 10 sockets and I want to have a thread which checks for a message from the sockets using their InputStreams. The thread will wait in the first socket until it receives a message in that socket. How can I skip to the next socket when there is no message in the current socket?
Comparing Text File with Existing Table
by DevX Pro
How can I go about reading in a (comma-delimited) text file and comparing it to an existing table? If there is a match on the key field, the row should be updated. If there is no match on the key field, then the row should be added. I am using SQL 7.0. The front end is a Web browser, either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
Understanding File Descriptors
by Danny Kalev
When a program opens a file, the operating system returns a corresponding file descriptor that the program refers to in order to process the file. A file descriptor is a low positive integer. The ...
Forward-Declaring I/O Classes and Templates
by Danny Kalev
The standard header <iosfwd> contains forward-declarations of the I/O classes and templates. This header is sufficient to refer to any of the I/O classes and templates but not to apply ...
Datatype - TEXT
by DevX Pro
I have fields, in which the datatype is TEXT, and I need to know how I can insert and update data from these fields?
How to read data file into SQL tables
by DevX Pro
I'm curious to know, if I have a file full of data separated by commas, how do I read stuff from that file into SQL tables?
Returning the Root Drives
by DevX Pro
Can you tell me how to get the root drives on a system?
Retrieve a List of Available Serial Ports
by Trevor Harmon
Here's a nice little function that retrieves a list of the available serial ports on your system. Note that this function uses Java's Communications API, also known as javax.comm, which must be ...
Running Piped Threads
by Ajit Sagar
Each piped thread has a run() method, and in an application using piped streams, their run() methods are interdependent. These code excerpts illustrate the run() methods for a PipedInputStream ("in_") and a PipedOutputStream ("out_").
Threading Piped Streams
by Ajit Sagar
Though piped streams are typically used in separate threads, you can use this class to connect them together.
Using Piped Streams in an Application
by Ajit Sagar
Learn how to create and use the PipedInputStream and PipedOutputStream objects in separate classes and in separate threads.
SQL Server Transaction log
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to turn off the transaction log while importing data? We are having a problem with a 1105 error.
File Paths
by DevX Pro
How do I grab a file's absolute path, given a filename?
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