August 22, 1997

A New Data Programming Style

While working on VB projects with associated Jet databases, I found that I was creating a lot of individual handling functions for reading, writing, and validating data. It was hard

Use the MS Draw Applet to Draw Lines and Shapes

Rather than using Visual Basic’s line and shape objects when drawing complex graphic backgrounds on forms, use the MS Draw applet included with most Microsoft products to draw a Windows

Copying Menu Objects Between Forms

One problem that occurs frequently is taking the menu structure from one form and placing it in another. Although my method of dealing with this dilemma requires a little effort,

ODBC Error Display

I have seen many posters in the VB newsgroups that say they have received an ODBC error message such as 3146, but can’t figure out why they got the message.

Set Cursor to Control by Default

Sometimes it is useful to set a cursor to determine control when a form is loading-after the form is done loading, the cursor stays on the control you have ordered:

A Better Substitute for GetModuleUsage

To synchronously shell an application from a 16-bit VB application, some people write code like this: Const HINSTANCE_ERROR% = 32Dim hInstChild As Integer’Shell program, if Shell worked, enter loophInstChild =

Entering Scientific Formulas

I have developed this technique to use when I program long formulas. First, I declare descriptive variables for the mathematical elements. I prototype the formula using the digit “1” as