ODBC Error Display

ODBC Error Display

I have seen many posters in the VB newsgroups that say they have received an ODBC error message such as 3146, but can’t figure out why they got the message. I suspect that the vast majority of these posters did not update their error-handling procedures to use the DBEngine.Errors collection when VB4 was released. Using this collection usually gives them all the error messages they need to resolve the problem. I have created an error-handling subroutine that displays the correct error message based on whether the error is a DB error:

 Public Sub ShowError()Dim sError As StringDim nI As IntegerDim sTitle As String	sError = ""	' Determine whether or not this is a 	' database error	If DBEngine.Errors.Count > 0 Then		If DBEngine.Errors(DBEngine.Errors.Count - 1)._			Number = Err.Number Then			sTitle = "Database Error"			For nI = 0 To DBEngine.Errors.Count - 1				sError = sError & DBEngine.Errors(nI) & _					vbCrLf			Next			sError = sError & vbCrLf		End If	End If	If sError = "" Then		sTitle = "Error"		' add the error string		sError = sError & Err.description & vbCrLf	End If	' beep and show the error	Beep	MsgBox sError, , sTitleEnd Sub


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