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CloudBees Buys FoxWeave

The cloud development service is getting new data integration capabilities.


Java platform as a service (PaaS) vendor CloudBees has acquired FoxWeave, which offers cloud-based data integration. CloudBees and FoxWeave together make it easier to utilize APIs, and they make it possible for developers to move data among 20 different cloud computing services, including Salesforce, Zoura, Zendesk, SendGrid, MySQL DB and Cloudant.

"Every business today has more than the traditional set of on-premise data stores," explained CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey. "Businesses are also connected with a fast growing number of critical SaaS services, too. Moving and synchronizing data between these services using a growing set of APIs is an ongoing chore—a really vexing problem that has to be solved. With FoxWeave, CloudBees now offers a service that makes integrations easy to set up and maintain. Not only can users quickly integrate these services' data streams and applications, but developers can easily incorporate them into applications. This is what the coupling of the FoxWeave service and the CloudBees PaaS enables—and this capability is absolutely unique in the market today."

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