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CloudSpokes's Thurgood Analyzes the Quality of Crowdsourced Code

The tool can help enterprises ensure the security and quality of applications that weren't developed in-house.


Crowdsourced cloud development company CloudSpokes has released a new tool designed to help gauge the quality of crowdsourced or outsourced code. Called "Thurgood," the new tool works with all coding languages and helps to identify any areas of risk.

"Crowdsourced development can seem like a Catch-22: Developers can claim to develop specific software, but how do businesses ensure quality throughout the entire process?" said CloudSpokes general manager Mike Morris. "Thurgood eliminates this uncertainty and allows developers to submit code early and often to both the developer and business to easily determine the caliber of the code and make the necessary tweaks. As more businesses crowdsource software development, Thurgood ensures submitted code is consistent, complete and ready for business."

Thurgood incorporates Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise and Checkmarx security and vulnerability scans.

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