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Employers Look for Developers Who Know Tried-and-True Languages

If you want to get a job, learn Java, C or Python.


Developer recruiting platform HackerRank has completed a study that analyzed which programming languages enterprises include in the coding tests they give to job applicants, and the results were fairly predictable. "Employers are still mostly looking for strong foundational skills in good old Java, Python, and C. Unsurprisingly, they're focused on infrastructure strength, security and scalability," HackerRank said.

On HackerRank's testing platform, companies choose which languages they will include in tests. The most commonly included languages were Java (100 percent), Python (88 percent), C (70 percent), C++ (61 percent), Ruby (52 percent), C# (51 percent), JavaScript (49 percent), PHP (36 percent), Perl (25 percent), Swift (14 percent), Go (12 percent), Scala (8 percent) and Objective-C (7 percent).

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