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Unexpected Ways Developers Are Using Big Data

Big data tracks cuss words, busts employment myths and, of course, helps build stellar fantasy football teams.


When you think about uses for big data analytics, you probably think about the ways traditional businesses might use their data, such as tracking website traffic and boosting online sales. However, David Ramel from Application Development Trends has put together a list of five surprising uses for big data. They include the following:

  1. The Marketing Robot is tracking the use of cuss words on Twitter. (Californians swear the most, but Rhode Island has the most filthy mouths per capita.)
  2. Hollaback is documenting street harassment (like inappropriate comments and groping) in New York City.
  3. Evolv is busting popular myths about potential employees. (For example, they found ex-cons really aren't bad employees, and people who work from home are more loyal than those who work in the office.)
  4. The Artemis Project is collecting data on premature babies in hospitals in an effort to improve the quality of care.
  5. And Intel pulled together some insights on how fantasy football players are using big data to manage their teams.

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