Left, Right and Mid String Functions for C#

Unlike Visual Basic, C# doesn’t have built-in string methods to extract parts of string from the Left, Right or a location specified through Mid. Unfortunately you have to create the logic yourself.

Here are examples of Left, Right and Mid in C# with the use of the Substring method present in C# (and VB):

class LeftRightMid   {      [STAThread]      static void Main(string[] args)      {            string myString = "This is a string";         //Get 4 characters starting from the left         Console.WriteLine(Left(myString,4));         //Get 6 characters starting from the right         Console.WriteLine(Right(myString,6));            //Get 4 characters starting at index 5 of the string         Console.WriteLine(Mid(myString,5,4));         Console.ReadLine();      }      public static string Left(string param, int length)      {         string result = param.Substring(0, length);         return result;      }       public static string Right(string param, int length)      {         string result = param.Substring(param.Length - length, length);         return result;      }      public static string Mid(string param,int startIndex, int length)      {         string result = param.Substring(startIndex, length);         return result;      }   }}
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