Four Gesture Input Technologies That Could Compete with Kinect

Most developers have heard of Microsoft’s Kinect device that promises to allow people to control their PCs by moving their hands and bodies, but other companies are also investigating gesture-control technology. Here are four of the most promising:

  1. Omek Interactive Beckon – This system works with any off-the-shelf 3D camera and can automatically recognize a second person.
  2. Primesense Reach UX – This company was responsible for much of the technology in Kinect, and they’ve created their own gesture system for controlling entertainment content, like TV shows and movies.
  3. SoftKinetic – This technology allows developers to create their own gesture-based interfaces.
  4. Oblong Industries G-Speak – Considered the “industry standard,” this technology was the basis for the interfaces in the movie Minority Report.

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