Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils Docker Tools

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils Docker Tools

At this week’s DockerCon event, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) unveiled several new Docker-related offerings. For developers, they announced HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0, a cloud development platform which supports Docker and includes the Helion Code Engine continuous integration and deployment service. In addition, it launched HPE StormRunner and HPE AppPulse for Docker, two tools that enable testing and monitoring of Docker applications. Other new tools include Remote Docker Swarm cluster monitoring with HPE Sitescope, HPE Codar for Docker, a Docker plugin for HPE Composable Infrastructure and persistent storage for Docker apps.

“Developers today require a new model to build, ship and run distributed applications that existing infrastructures were not designed for,” said HPE CTO Martin Fink.

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