IBM Unveils IoT for Automotive Cloud Computing Service

IBM has launched a new cloud computing service for automakers that it is calling Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive. It will gather data from vehicle sensors so that it can be analyzed to provide new insights for the companies and to assist drivers.

?With the significant increase in connected cars, automotive manufacturers have the ability to take near-real time data and put it to good use for drivers in a variety of ways — from finding the nearest parking space and most efficient route, to maintenance alerts that help drivers expect the unexpected,? said Dirk Wollschlaeger, general manager for the Global Automotive Industry at IBM. ?By combining data directly from the car with other sources, the insights derived through the IBM IoT for Automotive solution have the potential to change how we interact with our vehicles moving forward.?

In related news, IBM also announced the creation of two new business units focused on IoT and Education.

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