Netflix Sponsors $100K Cloud Development Contest

Netflix Sponsors $100K Cloud Development Contest

Netflix relies heavily on cloud computing, specifically on Amazon Web Services, and it’s always looking for ways to improve the technology that supports its on-demand video service. To that end, it’s sponsoring a new contest that will give away $100,000 in prizes to teams that come up with innovative ways to solve cloud computing challenges.

The Netflix Cloud Prizes will offer $10,000 cash, plus $5,000 in AWS credits, a trip to Vegas for two, and a ticket for Amazon’s user conference for the winners in ten different categories: Best Example Application Mash-Up; Best New Monkey; Best Contribution to Code Quality; Best New Feature; Best Contribution to Operational Tools, Availability, and Manageability; Best Portability Enhancement; Best Contribution to Performance Improvements; Best Datastore Integration; Best Usability Enhancement and Judges Choice. Entries must be submitted before September 15, and winners will be announced in October.

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