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Saving Window Changes When Unloading

Question: How do you save the choices when changing forms and shutting down the program. Do I have to use a module to store the changes? Answer: If you have

Checking for Existence of a File

Question: How do you check to see if the name of a file you want to RENAME a file to already exists? Answer: Here is a great example of how

Using GROUP BY Clause

Question: I am writing a Lottery Simulator, I have a database which contains seven fields, each field of each record contains a number from 1 to 49. I am looking

Application Finding VBXs and DLLs

Question: I have created a VB executable file and now want to distribute it to users. I want this executable to reside on our network drive. The problem that I

Generating Special HTML Tags

Question: I am trying to use Print# statements to create an HTMLtext file and VB3 that I am using keeps interpreting the HTML characters as Data Types and operators saying

Binding to a Database

Question: Is it possible to bind a cell in a grid with a database field (as we can do for text boxes and some other controls)? Answer: In VB3, the

Creating Nested Queries

Question: My question is with regards to VB’s ability to handle complexSQL. I have the application I am developing set up in the followingway: I copy the SQL created into

Including Single Quotes in Queries

Question: How do you include a single quotation mark in a query?Example:“Select * From BATCH Where BATCH.NAME = ‘O’Connel’” Answer: Simply replace the single quote with two single quotes together.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Using Sub Main

Question: Can you please tell me when do you use Sub Main and the advantages of using it? Answer: In certain programs, initialization code has to run before any windows

Putting Controls on MDI Forms

Question: I have a project I am working on including an MDIform with a toolbar. I am wanting to put a combobox on the toolbar, but VB4 will not let

Data Controls and Open Connections

Question: I have five data controls on a form that access five tablesfrom the same database. I want to open the database just once.Does having five data controls mean that


Question: How do I write a help file in Word 6, and then, how do I compile it? I can’t find any documentation on it. Answer: This is unfortunately not

Filling from Recordset

Question: How do I fill a combo box with the values from an Access 2.0query or table? I have the compatibility layer installed and everything works except I can’t figure

Compilation Requirements

Question: I know I need VB40032.DLL to run my visual basic programs,but I was wondering if it is possible to make a VB executablethat does not require VB40032.dll. Answer: VB40032.DLL

Creating INI Files

Question: How do I create INI files to meet the common microsoft standard? Answer: INI files can be created with Notepad, or any other plain text editor. Once the file

Detecting Row Selection in TrueGrid

Question: I have a database (Access) with 6 tables. I created a form for each table. I created an Apex True DBGrid for the database using the first table for

Am I a Mad Scientist?

o you want to save keystrokes? Do you want to ease maintenance? Do you want inline information about the code structures that you’re working with?

Read the Entire Text Element

SAXParser’s DefaultHandler provides a callback for public void characters(public char[] ch, int start, int length, etc.) and throws a SAXException for reading element text contents.

Testing with an Application Verifier

Application Verifier is a tool for testing user-mode applications for compatibility with MS Windows XP. It comes in handy when you’re troubleshooting issues like common