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SQL Server on the Web

icrosoft SQL Server is a great database for Web sites, especially Web sites deployed on NT and using Microsoft’s IIS server. It’s easy to install, relatively cheap, and interacts well

Customizing Style Sheets on the Fly

‘m afraid that age is catching up with me.  Once, in my distant youth (well, maybe not all that distant), my eyesight was about perfect?I could make out inch high

NT Registry Query

Question: What is the best browser-based way to read values from the Registry? Can JavaScript do it? Answer: There is no easy way to read the Registry on a user’s

Check if file exists

Question: Is there a way for me to check if a file exists before writing to the file using Java? Answer: You can determine if a file exists by calling

Dynamic class casting

Question: Does java have dynamic_cast? If so, how is itused? Answer: All class casts of nonprimitive types in Java are dynamic and performed at runtime.In C++ the dynamic_cast operator will

Calculating # of days between two dates

Question: I need help to calculate the number of days between two dates. This may seem like a trivial question, but for the life of me, I cannot find away


Question: How do I go about using exponents in Java? For example, how would I do 6 to the power of 3? Answer: You want to look at the documentation

Image loading

Question: I’m having trouble reshaping a frame to the size of a loaded image. I start out by saying: int fx = image.getWidth(this); int fy = image.getHeight(this);then I try to

Debugger breakpoint mismatch

Question: We have installed Powerbuilder 6.0.0. and have migrated applications. The application is working OK, but I am having a problem with the debugger. When I put a “break point”

Asking a proper question

Question: I have tried using the “shell” statement in VBA to load and run an existing .exe file. The file seems to load but does not run. (I have used

Find if directory exists

Question: We would like to find out if a directory that was typed exists. Furthermore, we prefer not to use a list box control or getFileOpenName. Answer: To do this

Record date/time when updating record

Question: I’m using PB6.0 with Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0. I would like to be able to record the date and time in my table(s) whenever a user updates or adds

Powerscript – Mouse

Question: How do you get the position of the mouse pointer (x- and y-cordinates) in a script? Answer: Use the PointerX() and PointerY() functions.

Controlling other programs

Question: How can I make a program that controls other programs? For example, I’ve seen programs that can change the text in a text box of another program. Answer: Sounds

Highlighting a row a different color

Question: Using PFC, when I select a row, it turns dark blue, often obscuring the data. Is there a way to change the color to something lighter? Answer: The way

Determining time zone setting

Question: How can I find the Active Time Zone offset from UTC that the computer clock is set to? This value changes when going from Standard to Daylight Savings Time.

Converting long to two integers

Question: How do you convert a long integer to two integer values (that is, get the low word and high word contained in a long integer)?Danial Appleman’s API Guide discusses

Determining the OS using API

Question: Is it possible to use API to determine the OS of a system without resorting to SysInfo control? Answer: Sure. Just call the GetVersionEx API. Add the following to

Problems with TypeOf

Question: Given: Dim oX as Object Set oX = optChoice1 If TypeOf oX is CheckBox Then… If optChoice1 is a CheckBox the If… will be true unless optChoice1 is an

Current Directory

Question: I made a project that resides in a subdirectory under Microsoft Visual Basic 4. Example: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Basic// When I run the program, I want it to get

Identity column in SQL server database

Question: I inserted a new row in a table with Identity column, and saved it by calling update function. Then I immediatly tried to modify this record and update again.

DPB and DCOM with Active Server Pages

Question: What threading model does DPB use? Apartment? I’d like to use PB to create MTS components for an Active Server Pages project. Do you foresee any problems? Any advice?

Application Start Directory

Question: My application is started by clicking an icon with a TARGET of “\itgcssd1sgrsv3.0132sgrs.exe” and a START IN directory of “c:winnt”. Is there any way to determine the TARGET location

Context-sensitive help

Question: When a user wants to find help on a column that has focus, I want that user to be able to hit F1, and help to be displayed based

PB 16-bit or 32-bit under PB4

Question: I have PB 4.0 installed under Windows NT. How do I tell if it is 16-bit or 32-bit PB? Answer: You can check the environment object for an ostype