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Definition of Deal Registration

Deal registration is a process in the technology industry where a salesperson or vendor submits a potential sales opportunity to a manufacturer, distributor, or vendor partner for protection and support. The primary purpose of this process is to avoid channel conflicts, ensure proper pricing, and provide resources for closing the sale. It helps establish a formal agreement between the salesperson, their organization, and the manufacturer or vendor, acknowledging the sales lead and granting exclusive rights to pursue the deal.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Deal Registration” is:Deal – /diːl/Registration – /ˌredʒɪˈstreɪʃən/

Key Takeaways

  1. Deal Registration helps protect partner-led sales opportunities by reserving access to exclusive pricing, resources, and support.
  2. It enables partners to collaborate with vendors more effectively, resulting in smoother sales processes and stronger relationships.
  3. Deal Registration benefits both partners and vendors by reducing channel conflicts, avoiding redundant sales efforts, and promoting overall growth for both parties.

Importance of Deal Registration

Deal Registration is an important aspect of technology partnerships and channel sales ecosystem as it serves to protect the interests of both the reselling partner and the vendor.

By registering a potential deal with the vendor, the partner gains exclusivity, ensuring that potential sales opportunities are not jeopardized by competing partners or even the vendor’s own sales team.

Apart from fostering trust and maintaining a fair business environment, deal registration also provides partners with access to resources such as sales support, pricing discounts, and marketing assistance.

Additionally, it enables vendors to track the sales process, ensure partner compliance with program guidelines, and gain valuable insights into market trends and consumer demands, thereby helping them make informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and partner incentives.


Deal registration is a widely used channel sales incentive tool that serves to foster a collaborative working relationship between vendors and their channel partners. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the interests and margins of value-added resellers (VARs), distributors, or partner sales representatives who actively identify, develop, and close sales opportunities for a vendor’s product or service.

By implementing deal registration, vendors not only motivate their channel partners to promote their offerings more enthusiastically but also reduce any likelihood of conflict among partners competing for similar prospects. In essence, deal registration enables channel partners to submit sales opportunities they are working on – often through an online portal or platform – to be reviewed and formally approved by the vendor.

This process grants exclusive rights, support, and competitive pricing advantages to the registering partner for a designated period of time, ensuring other partners cannot undercut them on the same product or service. As a result, deal registration benefits both partners and vendors by incentivizing partners to put more effort into nurturing leads, working closely with the vendor, and ultimately driving more revenue, while vendors can monitor and manage their sales pipelines and optimize their channel sales strategy.

Examples of Deal Registration

Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM): Salesforce offers a comprehensive PRM solution that includes deal registration as one of its key functionalities. Businesses that utilize Salesforce PRM can provide their partners with a streamlined way to register deals, collaborate on sales opportunities, and reduce channel conflict. By using Salesforce PRM, companies can foster better relationships with their partners, improve sales visibility, and increase revenue.

Impartner PRM: Impartner is a leading provider of Partner Relationship Management solutions, and their platform includes deal registration as a core feature. With Impartner, businesses can automate the deal registration process, making it easier for partners to submit opportunities and ensuring that registered deals are protected from any potential conflicts. Impartner’s platform also provides advanced analytics and reporting tools that help companies monitor and optimize their deal registration program.

Channeltivity: Channeltivity is a cloud-based Partner Relationship Management platform that provides deal registration functionality for businesses that sell through channel partners. By using Channeltivity, companies can create a streamlined process for partners to register and track deals, ensuring partner commitment to the sales cycle. The platform also offers additional tools such as partner portals, co-branded marketing resources, and lead distribution, allowing businesses to better collaborate with and support their channel partners.

Deal Registration FAQ

1. What is deal registration?

Deal registration is a process that allows vendors and their channel partners to formally register and track sales opportunities. This helps in preventing channel conflict and ensures that the partner who initiated the deal gets recognition and any applicable incentives.

2. Why is deal registration important?

Deal registration is important because it helps to ensure fair treatment for channel partners, improves communication and collaboration between vendors and partners, and can lead to increased sales success for both parties. It also helps to protect the investments made by partners in pursuing sales opportunities.

3. How does deal registration work?

Deal registration generally involves a partner submitting information about a sales opportunity to the vendor, who then reviews and approves or rejects the request. Once approved, the partner receives credit for the deal and may also receive additional support or resources from the vendor to help close the sale.

4. What are the benefits of deal registration?

Benefits of deal registration include increased communication and collaboration between vendors and partners, reduced channel conflict, improved sales tracking and forecasting, and enhanced support for partners when pursuing sales opportunities. It also helps to build trust and loyalty between vendors and their channel partners.

5. Can a deal be unregistered or transferred to another partner?

Depending on the specific deal registration policies of a vendor, a registered deal may be unregistered or transferred to another partner. This generally involves communication and approval from both the original registering partner and the vendor. It’s important to review the vendor’s deal registration policies to understand the options available in these situations.

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