NetRexx is a general-purpose programming language derived from both Rexx and Java. It’s designed to be a simpler, less verbose version of Java, while maintaining the robustness and flexibility of the language. It was designed by IBM and is often used for scripts and for processing data and text.


The phonetics of the keyword ‘NetRexx’ would be: “Neh-t-reks”

Key Takeaways


  1. NetRexx is a general-purpose programming language that is derived from both Rexx and Java. It is designed to be simple, safe, and powerful.
  2. Rather than having to write lines of complex code, with NetRexx, you can write and run scripts quickly and easily. This makes it a great language for beginners as well as experienced programmers who want to streamline their work.
  3. Even though it’s easy to write in NetRexx, the language still allows you to use all the Java classes and methods, and it integrates perfectly with the Java environment. Therefore, it simplifies the syntax of writing code in Java without losing any of its capabilities.



NetRexx is a significant term in technology as it refers to a programming language designed by IBM as a simplification of the Java language, while maintaining its robust and secure characteristics. Its importance lies in the fact that it is designed to be simpler, more intuitive, and less resource-intensive than traditional hardware languages. NetRexx provides an easier entry-point for beginners into the realm of programming while still retaining the capabilities needed for professional software development. This makes it an effective and efficient tool to bridge the gap between concept and implementation, thus marking it as an important development in the field of programming languages.


NetRexx is a renowned general-purpose programming language designed to amalgamate the best features of Rexx, a scripting language, with the portability and security of Java. At its core, the main purpose of NetRexx is to offer a simplified, easy-to-learn, and user-friendly interface for programming tasks. It is intended to be an efficient yet straightforward option, therefore eliminating or reducing the complexity that can be associated with other programming languages.NetRexx has a wide range of uses, one of which includes writing sophisticated programs, which can be run on any machine that has a Java Runtime Environment. It thus provides a highly portable medium for the distribution of software. NetRexx also excels in scripting applications and fostering rapid development of applications, with its inherently comprehensible and adjustable nature making it apt for customized software. Furthermore, because NetRexx programs are compiled into Java bytecode, they can interface seamlessly with existing Java programs, enabling the use of the extensive range of Java libraries, frameworks, and tools. This aspect greatly enriches the functionality and usage of NetRexx in diverse programming tasks.


1. IBM Systems: NetRexx is widely utilized within IBM systems for scripting and general-purpose programming. This technology was actually developed by IBM as a variant of REXX (Restructive Extended Executor) language. It serves as a human-oriented language, making programming easier and more efficient in managing high-level jobs on IBM mainframes.2. Educational Institutions: Several universities and vocational schools use NetRexx as a teaching tool in computer science and programming courses. It was designed to be a simpler, more readable syntax compared to traditional Java, making it a great introductory language for students learning about coding. It helps students understand the principles of coding and computer science before they move on to more complex languages.3. Small Businesses Application Development: Some small businesses or independent developers use NetRexx for creating Java applets or applications. Since NetRexx code is translated into Java bytecode, it can be executed wherever a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is available, providing a high level of portability. This makes it a useful tool for developing web applications and server-side scripts. Additionally, NetRexx’s blend of easy-to-understand syntax and robust functionality can make it an attractive selection for smaller projects.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

**Q: What is NetRexx?** A: NetRexx is a general-purpose programming language inspired by two other languages, Rexx and Java. It is developed by IBM and designed to be an easier to learn and use version of Java. **Q: Who developed NetRexx?**A: NetRexx was developed by International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).**Q: What languages inspired the creation of NetRexx?**A: NetRexx was inspired by two languages, the scripting language Rexx and the object-oriented programming language Java. **Q: What are some features of NetRexx?**A: NetRexx brings applications and applets in interpreted or compiled form. Moreover, it offers safe object-oriented programming, with object initialization and explicit de-allocation.**Q: What is the difference between Java and NetRexx?**A: While both languages have similar features, NetRexx was designed to simplify many aspects of writing and maintaining programs. NetRexx eliminates or simplifies many of the redundant and complex features found in Java.**Q: Is NetRexx a statically typed or a dynamically typed language?**A: NetRexx supports both static and dynamic language types, giving developers the flexibility to choose according to their needs.**Q: Does NetRexx need to be compiled?**A: The NetRexx language can either be interpreted or compiled to Java byte-code and then interpreted and run by a Java Virtual Machine.**Q: How widely used is NetRexx?**A: NetRexx is not as widely used as languages like Java or C++, but it maintains a dedicated user community, primarily for its ease of use and simplicity.**Q: Can I run NetRexx on my operating system?**A: As long as your system supports a Java Virtual Machine, it’ll be able to run NetRexx as it is a JVM language.**Q: Where can I learn more about NetRexx?**A: The official NetRexx user guide and reference is a good place to start. Websites, online forums and communities dedicated to NetRexx also provide comprehensive resources.

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