Referencing DBGrid’s Columns Using Object Variables

Referencing DBGrid’s Columns Using Object Variables

In VB4, DBGrid’s columns can be referenced using object variables. Thisreduces the amount of typing required and makes code more readable. Thecode is also more efficient because the full name doesn’t need resolvedwith each reference. For example:

 Dim Col() As ColumnDim NumCols As IntegerPrivate Sub Form_Load()	Data1.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM Publishers;"	Data1.Refresh	NumCols = DBGrid1.Columns.Count	ReDim Col(NumCols)	Dim i As Integer	For i = 0 To NumCols - 1		Set Col(i) = DBGrid1.Columns(i)		Col(i).AllowSizing = False 'disable user sizing		Col(i).DividerStyle = 0 'right divider = none	Next iEnd Sub
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