GetClasses – Enumerate all the classes defined in a type library

' Return a collection with all creatable classes of' the type library specified in TypeLibFile.'' Set IncludeNotCreatableClasses = True to include not creatable classes' (that is, those with Instancing property set to PublicNotCreatable) too.' Be sure that "TypeLib Information" type library (TlbInf32.tlb)' is referenced in your VB project.Function GetClasses(ByVal TypeLibFile As String, _    Optional ByVal IncludeNotCreatableClasses As Boolean) As Collection    Dim TLI As New TLIApplication    Dim TypeLibrary As TypeLibInfo    Dim Class As CoClassInfo        ' raises an error if unable to open the type library    ' (e.g. file not found or not a TLB)    Set TypeLibrary = TLI.TypeLibInfoFromFile(TypeLibFile)        ' prepare the result    Set GetClasses = New Collection    ' fill the return collection with class names    For Each Class In TypeLibrary.CoClasses        ' exclude not creatable classes if necessary        If IncludeNotCreatableClasses Or (Class.AttributeMask And _            TYPEFLAG_FCANCREATE) Then            ' the class is creatable or we don't care            ' about the creatable attribute            GetClasses.Add Class.Name, Class.Name        End If    NextEnd Function

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