Put a JTabbedPane on a Tab of a JTabbedPane

Put a JTabbedPane on a Tab of a JTabbedPane

I want to put a JTabbedPane on a tab of another JTabbedPane for using it as a chapter with different sections below it. How can I do this?

You can add a JTabbedPane to a tab of another JTabbedPane in the same way you would add any other component to a JTabbedPane. JTabbedPaneoffers several add and addTab methods that allow different levels of flexibility when adding components. Some of the methods allow you to specify specific layout constraints or add components to a specific tab. The easiest way to get started withJTabbedPane is by using add(String title, Component component). This method will add a new tab with the specified title and containing the indicated component. To add a JTabbedPane instance, just use it as the component parameter. User interface design is not my forte, but I have found it easier to navigate documentation by using a tree control on the side, allowing me to view the entire outline. Embedding a JTabbedPane inside of another JTabbedPane may not be the most effective approach. Nonetheless, this example demonstrates how to do it:

import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;import javax.swing.*;public class TabbedPaneDemo extends JFrame {  JTabbedPane _parentTab, _childTab;  public TabbedPaneDemo() {    _parentTab = new JTabbedPane();    _childTab = new JTabbedPane();    _childTab.add("Section 1", new JLabel("in a galaxy"));    _childTab.add("Section 2", new JLabel("far, far away ..."));    _parentTab.add("Chapter 1", new JLabel("A long time ago"));    _parentTab.add("Chapter 2", _childTab);    getContentPane().add(_parentTab, BorderLayout.CENTER);  }  public static void main(String[] args) {    Frame frame;    WindowListener exitListener;    exitListener = new WindowAdapter() {      public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {        Window window = e.getWindow();        window.setVisible(false);        window.dispose();        System.exit(0);                      }    };    frame = new TabbedPaneDemo();    frame.addWindowListener(exitListener);    frame.setSize(400, 400);    frame.setVisible(true);  }}


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