Hex – Convert from decimal to hexadecimal

' convert from decimal to hexadecimal' if you pass the Digits argument, the result is truncated to that number of ' digits'' you should always specify Digits if passing negative valuesFunction Hex(ByVal value As Long, Optional ByVal digits As Short = -1) As String    ' convert to base-16    Dim res As String = Convert.ToString(value, 16).ToUpper()    ' truncate or extend the number    If digits > 0 Then        If digits < res.Length Then            ' truncate the result            res = res.Substring(res.Length - digits)        ElseIf digits > res.Length Then            ' we must extend the result to the left            If value >= 0 Then                ' extend with zeroes if positive                res = res.PadLeft(digits, "0"c)            Else                ' extend with "F"s if negative                res = res.PadLeft(digits, "F"c)            End If        End If    End If    ' return to caller    Return resEnd Function

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