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Leverage the new modular ASP.NET Core framework to build applications that are platform-independent, lean and fast.


Published in Enterprise Zone | Published on February 6, 2017

Gain a solid understanding of the current state of Cloud platforms, how to integrate the Cloud into your systems and how to manage the risks.

Published in Open Source Zone | Published on January 30, 2017

Python 3.6 adds some general usability improvements that may entice the average Python developer to cross from Python 2 to Python 3. It's bound to happen at some point and the author believe that 2017 is the year that Python 3 starts to take over.

Published in Database Development Zone | Published on January 27, 2017

Many developers have used MySQL, while many have only heard of MariaDB. Explore the differences between these two database management systems.

Published in Web Development Zone | Published on January 25, 2017

Get an introduction to WebSocket technology using a sample application based on Socket.io.

Published in Database Development Zone | Published on January 18, 2017

There are numerous tools to aid in big data analysis, but one of the most popular is Python.

Published in Java Zone | Published on January 13, 2017

Learn about the Singleton design pattern, why it is useful and how it can be used to implement singleton classes in Java.

Published in Enterprise Zone | Published on January 12, 2017

Learn how to future-proof your career by combine innovations from multiple areas to achieve synergies.

Published in Java Zone | Published on January 6, 2017

Take advantage of the java.nio package to perform non-blocking I/O and build responsive applications.

Published in Security Zone | Published on January 4, 2017

It is important to test the security of your Web application before deploying it to the production environment. There are many tools that can help you speed up this process. This article provides an overview of the most widely used ones.

Published in Security Zone | Published on December 30, 2016

Security is hard. It takes dedicated attention, knowledge and meticulous execution. It is also an ongoing process. It's important to educate stakeholders and clarify the state of security, the risks and mitigations. You need to be vigilant and on your toes.

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