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Salesforce Debuts IoT Cloud Computing Service

The CRM firm wants to use Internet of Things data to help businesses better serve their customers.


At the Dreamforce conference, Salesforce is announcing its new Internet of Things Cloud service. “We are watching the increasing volume of data coming off of connected devices, and we are thinking about how we can help customers deal with those massive amounts of data,” Dylan Steele, senior director of product marketing for the App Cloud at Salesforce said.

Built on Salesforce's Heroku and Thunder cloud computing platforms, the tool ingests, filters and transforms IoT data so that it can be used by organizations to learn more about their customers or business processes. “We want to make [big data] accessible to business users and to [help them] write rules and real-time logic and sort through it and find the data that is most relevant [to them],” added Steele.

The service is expected to become available next year.

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