April 30, 2012

CollabNet Launches Cloud Development Platform

CollabNet, best known as the company behind Subversion, is launching a new cloud development platform it calls CloudForge. It allows distributed teams to develop new software in the cloud and then deploy it with their choice of platform as a service (PaaS) vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine,

Microsoft Rolls Out Casablanca C++ Library for the Cloud

Microsoft has announced the release of Casablanca, a new set of C++ libraries aimed making it easier to consume and implement RESTful services. In a blog post, Microsoft’s Soma Somasegar explained, “Casablanca is a Microsoft incubation effort to support cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++

Report: UDID Restrictions Cost iOS Developers 24% of Ad Revenues

Mobile ad firm MoPub has published a new study which claims that some of the recent privacy protection steps taken by Apple are costing mobile development firms. Following a Congressional inquiry into its privacy practices, Apple began limiting developer access to UDIDs, the unique identifier for each iOS device. However,

Oracle Rolls Out Java, JavaFX Updates

Oracle has released Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 7 Update 4 and JavaFX 2.1, which includes the Java Development Kit (JDK) with the first ever JavaFX SDK for MacOS X. The release also provides improvements in garbage collection and enhanced performance in the Java Virtual Machine. “It appears that

Venture Capitalists Drawn to Enterprise Mobile Development Firms

If you’re trying to decide whether to build a consumer app or a business app, several venture capital firms suggest you’re better off building a B2B app. While a few consumer apps, like Instagram, Path and Foursquare, have become huge overnight successes, many more fail. By contrast, business apps are

BaaS Is on the Rise

Appcelerator’s inclusion of Cloud Services in the latest version of Titanium is just one more example of the growing importance of backend as a service (BaaS) offerings. BaaS vendors provide mobile developers with cloud-based services like location data or push notifications that they can easily integrate into their apps. The

Forrester Advises Enterprises to Hire Open Source Developers

At a recent Forrester event, firm VP Kyle McNabb advised enterprises to considering hiring programmers who work on open source projects. “When looking at your talent, ask software developers if they work with open source. Even if it is outside their work, they’re probably keeping their skills set up,” he

Amazon Debuts AWS Marketplace

Amazon has launched the AWS Marketplace, a new way for customers to find and deploy software on the company’s cloud computing services. The Marketplace features applications from a wide-variety of vendors, such as 10gen, IBM, Microsoft and SAP, as well as leading open-source applications like WordPress and Drupal. Using Amazon’s

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