CollabNet Launches Cloud Development Platform

CollabNet Launches Cloud Development Platform

CollabNet, best known as the company behind Subversion, is launching a new cloud development platform it calls CloudForge. It allows distributed teams to develop new software in the cloud and then deploy it with their choice of platform as a service (PaaS) vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, and Joyent.

“Having a flexible platform to quickly build and ramp up a cloud development program has helped our company become more agile and responsive to the market,” said Rahul Subramaniam, managing director for DevFactory. “CollabNet and its CloudForge platform provide a much-needed development and deployment front-end to the IaaS and PaaS offerings that are available today — our developers love it, and it provides the visibility and control we need to run the business.”

CloudForge is a free beta through the end of May. Starting in June prices will run between $3.50 and $32 per user per month.

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