Kudu Now a Top-Level Apache Project

Kudu Now a Top-Level Apache Project

The Apache Software Foundation has promoted Kudu to a top-level project. Originally developed by Cloudera, Kudu is a columnar storage manager for Hadoop that was designed for fast processing of OLAP workloads. It also supports Apache Spark and Impala.

?Under the Apache Incubator, the Kudu community has grown to more than 45 developers and hundreds of users. We are excited to be recognized for our strong open-source community and are looking forward to our upcoming 1.0 release,” said Todd Lipcon, vice president of Apache Kudu and software engineer at Cloudera. ?Graduation to a top-level project marks an important milestone in the Apache Kudu community, but we are really just beginning to achieve our vision of a hybrid storage engine for analytics and real-time processing.?

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