Scala vs. F#: Application Programming Features

Scala vs. F#: Application Programming Features

Comparing Scala and F# is somewhat difficult because F# is a Microsoft project and Scala is a cross-platform, open source project. However, does compare their characteristics in a variety of categories:

  • Application Development Frameworks: F# is a .NET tool, while Scala is compiled to Java.
  • Database Operations: F# database functions are part of the core language; Scala leverages Java’s JDBC.
  • GUI Development: F# uses .NET’s WinForm library, while Scala uses Java Swing.
  • Web Development: Again, F# uses .NET resources; Scala doesn’t have any specialized Web development features.
  • Object-Oriented Features: There are few differences between the two languages, except that Scala supports pseudo-multiple inheritance through traits and mixins.
  • Compilation and Execution of Programs: The F# compiler and runtime are available as .exe and .msi files for Windows; the Scala compiler runs on a Java virtual machine.

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