Why Agile Teams Need Devops

Why Agile Teams Need Devops

In many enterprise IT departments, the developers want to roll out new changes quickly, while the operations people want to go more slowly to ensure reliability. One way to bridge the gap is “devops,” a term first used by consultant Patrick Debois. Debois says that because of their more frequent updates, Agile teams in particular need a devops approach. He says devops requires “a shift in mentality.” He adds, “Developers are starting to wear pagers [for] when things go wrong, so they actually feel the pain of people supporting the systems. That will improve how they think about it.”

Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell advises, “You’ve got to get people on both sides to accept that there’s a different way of doing things and the other guy is not the enemy — we’re in this together.”

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