EngineYard Reports Strong Growth

EngineYard Reports Strong Growth

The year 2011 appears to have been very good for EngineYard. The platform as a service (PaaS) vendor reports that its revenues doubled to hit $28 million for the year, and it increased its paying customers by 50 percent. Company VP Mike Piech said EngineYard is growing because it appeals to a wide range of businesses. “If you think of the value of PaaS, you’re offloading everything except the app itself — the load balancing, the application servers, the web infrastructure to someone else so you can focus on innovation and time to market — that’s valuable to many types of companies,” he stated.

However, as more companies become interested in cloud development, more vendors are getting into the PaaS business. EngineYard faces stiff competition from AppFog, Salesforce.com’s Heroku, VMware’s Cloud Foundry, CloudBees and many others.

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