Google Unveils Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

During the keynote address at the Google I/O 2012 event, Google revealed some key new features in the next update for Android. A.k.a. Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 has improved speech-to-text capabilities that work offline. It also has better algorithms for its Swype text input, allowing Android devices to do a better job of guessing what users are trying to type.

Google is also making major improvements to Android’s notifications. They now expand, collapse, show more information and update some information in real time.

Android search gets some upgrades in Jelly Bean with “Google Now,” which provides richer search results. It also answers audible questions, like Apple’s Siri.

In addition, Jelly Bean also expands Android’s NFC capabilities beyond payment processing. If you want to send another Android user a picture or a video, simply tap your phones together. You can also hook up your phone to external devices just by tapping.

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