New Mixpanel Tool Helps Track App Revenue

New Mixpanel Tool Helps Track App Revenue

Mobile and web analytics vendor Mixpanel has launched a new tool for developers that it calls Revenue Analytics. The tool aims to help app developers glean valuable insights from their financial data. “One of the things that Revenue Analytics does is it lets you dive deeper in an advanced, sophisticated and flexible way,” said Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi. “One metric that we help companies understand is lifetime value.”

He added, “If you can dig down deeper into your revenue, it means you can make a decision about whether improving your product made you more money, whether your marketing is actually working — something more valuable than ‘that’s how much revenue I made this month.'”

According to the company, Revenue Analytics is an API that can be integrated into any platform, making it suitable for use by both Web and mobile development firms.

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