Oracle Struggles in Q3 But Has Big Summer Plans

For its third fiscal quarter, which ended on Feb. 28, Oracle reportedsales and profits that failed to meet analyst expectations. However, CEO Larry Ellison and other executives said that they expect better news this summer, when the company plans to launch in-memory technology for Database 12c, to update its Fusion apps and to make its IaaS and PaaS cloud computing offerings generally available.

Ellison said the cloud services will be priced similar to Amazon’s and added, “The big differentiator, for us, is, along with Infrastructure as a Service, we have a very strong Platform as a Service offering coming out with our infrastructure… Customers are going to come to us and buy our platform in the cloud and buy infrastructure in the cloud, and move a lot of their existing applications out of their own data centers into our cloud, and they can do that without having to change their applications at all.”

About the in-memory technology he said, “With the release of Oracle In-Memory database with 12c, our data analytics performance is going to increase by more than a factor of 10 — some cases more than a factor of 100. We think this summer with 12c, our data analytics business is going to take off. And, of course, the intention is to sell a lot of those data analytics products in the cloud, as opposed to on-premise.”

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